Workup Rise & Leap; specializes in turning local success stories into global sensations, starting with the vibrant UK market. Join us in taking your startup from 'local to global' in just eight transformative weeks.

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on November 3, 2023

Workup Rise & Leap

Workup Rise & Leap, in collaboration with visionary partners Hackquarters, İşbank, and Ankara Tekmer, specializes in launching startups onto the global stage, beginning with the dynamic UK market. The intensive program offers unparalleled mentorship, resources, and networking opportunities, guiding you from local to global.


The Workup Rise & Leap program, implemented in partnership with İşbank, Ankara TEKMER and Hackquarters, supports entrepreneurs' global expansion journey.

Program Benefits

Exploring the UK Tech Ecosystem
Leverage our program to immerse yourself in the thriving UK tech ecosystem, gaining invaluable insights and understanding the market dynamics to fuel your growth.
From Turkey to Global
Workup Rise & Leap opens doors to global expansion, providing you with the necessary resources and mentorship to scale your startup beyond borders.
Real Life Networking Opportunities
Connect with industry-leading experts, successful entrepreneurs, and potential investors, building a powerful network that can drive your business forward.
Access to Key UK Partners
Benefit from our extensive network of strategic partners in the UK, creating collaborative opportunities and opening new avenues for your startup.
Enhanced Visibility
Workup Rise & Leap puts your startup on the map, enhancing your visibility in the UK market and positioning you for greater success and recognition within the industry.

Program Timeline

In just eight weeks, Workup Rise & Leap takes your startup globally and sets the stage for international success with exclusive workshops and strategic networking events.

Program Startups

Meet the Workup Rise & Leap 2023 Program startups!

Workup Rise & Leap

The Workup Leap and Rise team, with its extensive knowledge and industry experience, will be with you throughout the program to make your development process most efficient and contribute to the success of your project.

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